Jamboree Memorial Tree

Is dedicated to the dogs we have loved and lost and who will never be forgotten.

A tribute to honour old friends who have loyally walked at our side, loved us unconditionally and enriched our lives. 


Everyone gets to pay their respects and we welcome all our visitors to hang a heart during the weekend, there is no charge for this, we feel you have paid the highest price already.


In aid of SecreTT HeaTTs UK    We have photo baubles to purchase here,

Once you have purchased your memorial bauble please email your photo and dogs name and we will place it on our  memorial tree, where it will remain throughout the Jamboree weekend or until you take it home with you.


Supporters not attending Jamboree 2021 are still invited to purchase a memorial bauble, which we will happily send to you after the event.


The proceeds from all the memorial baubles will be donated to SecreTT HearTTs UK   

Photo Memorial Bauble