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Facebook Listing

Facebook Listing

We have some very talented artists and creative members in our facebook group, we have decided to allow our members to use this group to platform their own merchandise in return for a small donation.

Upon listing an item on the TT Jamboree facebook group you are agreeing to the rules provided.


  • A first come first serve basis
  • One item per post with a maximum quantity of 5 units.
  • All prices must include P&P.
  • To secure purchases, the buyer must type the word ‘Buy’
  • Payment must be made directly to seller within 48 hours or the item will be offered to the next person inline.
  • Item must be posted within one week of receipt of payment or given clear instructions in listing. 
  • All comments and questions relating to the item must take place in the post feed, private selling is forbidden and may carry a selling ban.
  • All posts must be removed once quantities have been sold Or after the duration of one month.
  • Admin will NOT be held responsible for disputes between buyer and seller.
  • The seller remains accountable for the receiving and refunding of money and merchandise reaching the buyer without damage or defect.
  • Sale of livestock, alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, stolen or counterfeit goods or copyrighted merchandise are all forbidden and will be removed immediately.
  • Admin reserve the right to remove any sale items deemed unsuitably or inappropriate for the group without warning.
  • Sellers must allow 48hrs between Bumping their listing.

Please remember, being a member of this group requires mutual trust and respect.


We hope we can make this a happy and positive shopping experience for the whole group and welcome you to the Jamboree facebook MarkeTT


    £3.50 Regular Price
    £3.00Sale Price
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