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Jamboree 2021

Yee-Haw & Four Paws Grand Total 

We are delighted to announce the totals raised and the funds to be donated for 2021 is £6166.80,

added to the funds which were already donated to our charities during Covid 19 is a very respectable grand total of £8290.80.This exceeded our totals for 2019.

Our charities,the TTA, TTBOC & Independent Tibetan Terrier Rescue will each receive £1500

SecreTT HearTTs will receive a gift of £466.80 to assist them in the amazing work they do in lifting us during the most painful time of owning and loving a dog.

The Jamboree Wheel of Charities sadly did not take place over the Jamboree weekend so therefore we have decided to share the £200 donation between Boycies Bridge, Greenacre Animal Rescue and Cloud K9. Each will receive £66.66

With the permission of our charities, TT Jamboree has retained a donation to aid and assist someone who we feel is deserving of the funds.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that this year we will be donating

£1000 to Stephen and Charlotte Hayes. 

Stephen and Charlotte are one of the owners of the infected pituitary dwarfism puppies which we as breed owner have all recently been made aware of.

As a result of their determination and research to get the correct diagnosis for Willow and her siblings, they have done the future gene pool of Tibetan Terriers a great service.

The Kennel Club has recently accepted the DNA pituitary dwarfism test to be added to the health status of TTs and as a result our breeders will be able to test for it prior to breeding.

Sadly, Willows vet bill has already exceeded £6000 in just over her first year, and the family are concerned for any future insurance cover for her.

We are aware that there are other owners of this litter and our hearts go out to them, however that isn’t our only reason we feel they are deserving of our support.

Stephen and Charlotte also offered their hearts and home to one of the Cornwall sixty.

Ruby has recently been diagnosed with a serious condition which also needs specialist care and If that wasn’t enough for any dog owner to endure, their oldest dog Bailey has been diagnosed this weekend with an aggressive lymphoma.

All three dogs are now under the very expensive care of Dick Whites.

Regardless of their own emotional and financial strain they are always one of the first to support TT Jamboree and TT rescue.

We felt it would be a much appreciated gesture by all, if we were able to include them in this years TT Jamboree donations.

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank everyone who has supported us especially during this very difficult pandemic.

Every penny which has been donated and the gifts we’ve received to raise funds from is greatly appreciated.

It makes all the hard work and effort worth it.


Together we raised £735

Funds have been included in to the grand total. 

​Thank you to all who donated.

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