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Your dogs are ours guests but must adhere to our Colour Code Rule


Each dog must display a coloured ribbon tied to the handle of their lead at all times throughout our event.

This does not indicate the dog’s personality but that of the handlers needs.

Coloured ribbons will be supplied to indicate your preference to others approaching you whilst handling your dog.

We understand and respect that dogs and handlers can be nervous in certain situations and intimidated in unfamiliar surroundings therefore our code will help make Jamboree a safe, happy and relaxed environment for all to enjoy.



There are many reasons why owners choose to display red or yellow ribbon, not always does it represent the temperament of the dog, it may be due to a child or elderly handler, a sick or elderly dog, a puppy or rescue dog in training, health issues of the handler....Or simply because you want to eat your lunch in peace!

We ask that you respect the code, be kind and patient during your visit, especially to those who may need to keep some distance.

CHILD HANDLERS MUST display a RED or YELLOW ribbon, we ask that parents ensure their children approach all dogs with caution.

We reserve the right to ask an owner to change their colour ribbon should we feel the right one has not been selected initially.

likewise if you have aired on the side of caution, should you wish to change your colour accordingly later throughout the event, you are welcome to do so.

Our colour code is NOT in place to label any dog or individual but to ensure everyone has the same enjoyable experience at TT Jamboree.


 RED    Keep your DISTANCE.

          YELLOW   Approach with CAUTION

            Dogs displaying yellow ribbons,  

please voice your request

      to other visitors on their approach you.


without concern

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